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Midwest to get $400M for high-speed rail projects

Bloomberg Businessweek

High-speed rail projects that will allow passenger trains traveling between Chicago and Detroit to reach speeds of 110 mph along some stretches of track and shorten travel time by 30 minutes also will result in about 1,000 construction jobs and help push Michigan’s economy forward, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Monday.

Members of Michigan’s Congressional delegation, Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder joined LaHood at an Amtrak station in Detroit, where he announced about $200 million in federal funds for the state.

The money is part of about $400 million being spent on high-speed rail service in the Midwest. It includes $196.5 million for track rehabilitation and upgrades to signals along the 235-mile route between Detroit and Chicago. Another $2.8 million will be used for planning of a new station in Ann Arbor, about 30 miles southwest of Detroit.


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High-Speed Rail Critics Imperil Economic Growth, Bombardier President Says

Opposition to high-speed rail imperils U.S. economic growth, the North America president of a leading train manufacturer said in Chicago Tuesday.

“Although some may be of the opinion that we can’t afford passenger rail investment at this time, I can assure you from Bombardier’s experience around the world that the opposite is true,” said Raymond Bachant of Bombardier Transportation, a Canadian firm that built 95 percent of Europe’s high-speed trains.

“Investment in passenger rail infrastructure is a decision that will create long-term jobs and strengthen the economy,” Bachant told several hundred corporate executives, trade officials, and rail enthusiasts gathered at the Mid-America Club on the 80th floor of Chicago’s Aon building.


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Canadian investors swoop to snap up High Speed 1 rail line

Daily Mail

Just a day after BHP Billiton was rebuffed by the Canadian authorities in its attempt to snap up Potash Corporation, two heavyweight Canadian investors have bought Britain’s only high speed rail line for £2.1bn.

Ontario Teachers’ pension plan and Borealis, the infrastructure investment arm of Ontario Municipal employees Retirement System, beat rivals including Eurotunnel, Morgan Stanley and Allianz for the 30-year concession for the High Speed 1 line linking London’s St Pancras station to the Channel Tunnel.

Eurostar trains St Pancras InternationalLet the train take the strain: Travellers disembark from Eurostars at St Pancras


‘It is an enormous amount of money, a big vote of confidence in UK plc and a big vote of market confidence in the future of UK high-speed rail,’ British Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said.

The Government is conducting a thorough audit of state assets with a view to selling off stakes in the likes of the Tote, Dartford Crossing and National Air Traffic Services (NATS).

The £2.1bn sale of the 30-year concession to operate HS1 was better than the expected £1.5bn to £2bn range. it will help to pay down the country’s £150bn of debts

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China High Speed Rail to Develop Fast

China’s high-speed rail in just a few years, the development by leaps and bounds, out of a railway with Chinese characteristics independent innovation, has been by the “catch-up” became the world’s railway “leader.” Moreover, China’s “iron hot” are driving abroad the door. Just a few years that high-speed railway network into the world’s largest demonstration effect of success, and the construction of China’s low cost, has attracted global attention, a considerable number of countries began to seek cooperation with China, building high-speed rail. In this regard, Europe and the United States and the world largest manufacturer of passenger trains are not without worries.

Uddin in Düsseldorf, Germany near the root, the train manufacturer Siemens engineers with 3D glasses, look at the detailed design of the train company’s latest projection. Such devices allow engineers to turn the train and parts of the multi-dimensional imaging to understand the ease of maintenance, driver comfort, and various other details.

Erie, Pennsylvania in the U.S. market, General Electric, the main locomotive works equally impressive. General Electric, the plant is committed to reducing fuel consumption, the development of hybrid energy-saving technologies.

As a leading force in the field of diesel locomotives, passenger train maker in the world — the three Siemens, Alstom and Bombardier of Canada, as well as General Electric and Caterpillar already identified the Department of motor vehicles, advanced technology will allow them in the world’s most high-end rail supply market. All of these companies some of their technology to a Chinese partner, largely because they believed that their design will not be abused in the development of other products.

They all said that although their products may be higher than the price of the products in emerging economies, but considering the advanced technology, these products are actually cheaper and more reliable.

But the European Railway Industry Association released the latest report shows that the railway market, cheaper Chinese products is likely to crowd out the large manufacturer’s market share.

Produced reports for the Boston Consulting Group partner that large manufacturers in rich countries no longer a question in the China market positioning, “but outside China market choice or competition with China.”

Siemens has already encountered this dilemma — it was originally an independent bid for Saudi Arabia’s first high speed train project (from Mecca to Medina) and the supply of high-speed train, but then decided to join in the capital-led consortium.

In Brazil, Vietnam and South Africa are considering the development of high-speed rail projects in emerging markets, Chinese manufacturers are expected to train in the infrastructure and supply challenge. Chinese companies are building in Africa, many of the railway construction or modernization, the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer of the supply of diesel cars could become the natural choice.

Ulrich said the market may think these developments, cutting-edge products in Europe and North America can not meet their needs.

But China suppliers face uncertainty. Although China has made many of their own high-speed trains, but all current models are based on European or Japanese technology. According to technology transfer agreements, China’s exports of motorcycles must be new models, not based on technology from Europe and Japan.

Suppliers in Europe and North America are expected to maintain the technology over time lead.

Director-General of the European railway industry association Szoko said: “For the European suppliers and some of the products, we have already developed a product maintainability and reliability. China is still a gap.”

General Electric Transportation director Zotti hope that all suppliers could have a market for development. GE supplier in China set up several joint ventures, but also in other areas to compete with them.

However, Ullrich’s report is expected from now to 2015, the Asian railway market, the average annual growth will slow to just 2.5%. This may cause the supply of high-speed network of factories in China’s spare capacity.

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